19- Personalities Come in Packages

In this episode of the Titanium Life Podcast, Arman describes that all personalities come in their own unique packages. No one can pick and choose what they like about a person or the features a significant other should have. We should try to appreciate the good qualities and take the things that we see as faults[…]

18- Buying Your Stocks at a Discount!

In this episode of the Titanium Life Podcast, Arman discuses the stock market and how everyone’s view of how the stock market works is backwards. You can never time the market, you should always go in for the long term and learn how to buy stocks when they go on sale!

17- Your Service Sucks!

This episode of Arman Sadeghi’s Titanium Life Podcast is all about achieving success in your business. It all boils down to the order of operations with the key point being that you want to put the main focus on getting results for your clients. It’s not about what you want to do or the things[…]

16- Are You a Personal Development Junkie?

Being into personal development is fantastic and it can be one of the most rewarding and life changing interests to have, but implementation is key. So many of us read the books, listen to audio books, attend seminars, listen to podcasts, … but fail to actually incorporate the things that we learned into our life. It’s[…]

15- The 10 Essentials to Weight Loss

In this episode, Arman Sadeghi covers 10 weight loss secrets that are needed for people that are looking to lose weight. Some of Arman’s business coaching clients had a huge problem of not having enough energy to do the things they wanted to do, and this is what led him to create the 10 Essential Steps to Weight[…]

14- Take Advice From The Right People

In this listener inspired episode, Arman Sadeghi discusses the importance of taking advice from the right people. Some of us love to give advice on what works, but few actually follow their own methods and prove to themselves that what they preach actually produces results. There are things that should work in theory but don’t produce[…]

13- Your Life Will Not Get Any Better

In this episode of the Titanium Life Podcast, Arman talks about being happy with what you have and who you are today, no matter the circumstances or what you are going through. The truth is that your life will not get any better than this exact moment because in the end, life is just life, that’s[…]

12- The Secret to a Thriving Relationship

You want to be successful in all areas of life, but how do you master the relationship you have with your significant other and your family while also trying to grow and take your life and business to the next level?It all comes down to one thing: The order of operations in your life and where[…]

11- Revolutionize Your Industry

Arman Sadeghi covers the importance of having the vision, focus, and dedication to take your business to the next level. Companies like Apple, Google, and more recently, Tesla have truly revolutionized their industries and they didn’t settle for anything less, and neither should you. Don’t settle for second best and don’t do what everyone else is doing.[…]

10- Success Leaves Clues

Arman Sedeghi discusses the intricacies of modeling oneself after successful people. You have to find people that have mastered an area of life and understand what they do that makes them so successful. It’s all the little things, and in life you have to watch and listen to what successful people are doing, and you have to[…]