42- You Must Have KPIs

In this episode Arman digs even deeper into KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which are the things in your business you want to track on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in order to take your business to the next level. This is the 7th biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make so learn how to track and[…]

41- The Most Important Ingredient For Business

Arman discusses the single biggest thing that cripples new businesses early on. You will never be able to build a business or have success in your business without massive substantial effort. Sometimes people have the misconception that large companies like Facebook and Uber started out on a whim but most people do not consider all[…]

40- Lack of Money is Not an Excuse

Arman discusses one of the biggest mistakes that can hold entrepreneurs back. This is the mistake that thinking not having enough money is a reason for you not to succeeded as an entrepreneur. If you don’t have enough money to support your business, listen to this episode.

39- Create Systems That Get Results

In this episode, Arman talks about the 4th biggest mistake which entrepreneurs make which is creating systems that are too complicated for an employee to easily follow. Making this mistake means that you will be creating a job for yourself for the rest of your life. Do not create a business that requires your constant[…]

38- Sales is Your Biggest Strength in Business

The third biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make is not realizing that as a founder and business owner you have to be constantly selling. This is one that destroys new businesses early on and stops the growth of more established businesses. As the business owner you care and know about your product or service more than anybody else[…]

37- Only Create Products or Services That are Proven to Sell

In this episode, Arman talks to you about the second biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make and it’s one that causes so many entrepreneurial sparks to die without ever becoming a reality. Listen to this episode for a simple tip that can save you lots of money and time to ensure that you are successful.

36- Don’t Build Unneccessary Infrastructure

In this episode of the Titanium Life Podcast, Arman discuss the #1 mistake entrepreneurs make when starting a new business. Don’t waste precious resources going after things that will not make you money right away. Too many people get sucked into things like creating business cards and other novelties that feel necessary but actually get[…]

35- Become The Expert in Your Industry

In this episode of the Titanium Life Podcast, Arman will reveal the secret to become the recognized expert in your industry so that the leads come to you instead of you having to go out there and get leads. It all comes down to researching your specific niche and creating some targeted education marketing pieces[…]

34- Run Your Business From an Island

It sounds too good to be true but running your business from a remote island is definitely possible. It all comes down to automating the process of running your business by managing your “Key Performance Indicators”. Arman is going to show you how to do this even if you only had 1 minute of internet[…]