E015- Basic Website Audit

In this episode, we go through the basics of website audits to make sure that your website is optimized for search engines. So many times we overlook the basics and usually those are things that will help or hurt us the most. The same applies with SEO and elements on your website. So many sites are[…]

E014- The Rise of Video Marketing

In this episode of the Business Revolution Podcast, we talk about video and how it is changing the marketing landscape. All the social media platforms are making a huge shift towards video and you should take advantage of the timing by marketing your business using video. Stephen also reveals tips on how to make your videos more engaging[…]

E013- Tips on Choosing the Right Marketing Company

In this episode of Business Revolution Podcast, Stephen provides us with tips and questions to ask potential digital marketing companies that you are considering working with. Finding the right company can be challenging because there are lots of companies out there making big promises and unfortunately many of them fail to deliver. You need to go through[…]

E011- Different is Great: An Interview with Mike Michalowicz

Today I sit down with author and entrepreneur, Mike Michalowicz. Former business columnist for the Wall Street journal, Mike has launched a hand full of multi-million dollar companies and is the author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, The Pumpkin Plan, and Profit First – which personally has helped me grow my business immensely. We discuss[…]

E010- Priorities and Outcomes

Stephen discusses why it’s important to be self aware and know the reason behind the actions you will be taking. It’s all about knowing where your focus is and making decisions that get you closer to your why; no matter the circumstances or your environment.

E009- Has Fear Been Holding You Back?

All of us are affected by fear but many lack the self awareness to know that fear is controlling the decisions we make and the how the outcomes of those decisions can really hold us back and hurt us. The first thing we have to do is realize that fear is fake and doesn’t really[…]

E008- The Essence of Time Management

Time management is always a hot topic but what does it really mean? Stephen breaks down the concept into 3 easy to understand steps. The main thing is that you should never allow life to take control and dictate the outcome of not only your day but your whole life. Take the bull by the[…]

E007- Why Reviews Are Imporant

Stephen covers the importance of being active on review platforms such as Yelp and Google Reviews. It all comes down to realizing and accepting the importance of getting reviews and understanding that it is a difficult process that will pay huge dividends in the future. 1- Reviews are Important 2- Find the top review platforms that[…]

E006- Stop Wasting Your Money on More Web Traffic

Getting more traffic to your website will not solve of your business problems. Instead of looking to increase traffic to your website, we should pay attention to the conversion rates you are getting on the current traffic coming to your site. It all comes down to user experience of your website and knowing the objective you are trying[…]