28- To Have More, You Must Become More

As of today you are going to make the next 12 months of your life a dedication to becoming more. If you want more, you need to be more. Don’t just wish that you want more, you need to become laser focused to add more value and put your self in the situation to become more.

E005- Culture = Growth & Profit

In this episode of the Business Revolution Podcast, Loura Sanchez discusses the importance of company culture and why having a solid culture is important for any company. As a business owner it all boils down to how your staff reacts when you are not present in the office and ways you can gauge the culture to[…]

27- Sales Funnel Made Easy

In this episode you will get Arman’s revolutionary way of looking at your sales funnel by taking it and breaking it down into 4 simple steps. This funnel based selling system is important but breaking it down into 4 steps is going to take it to a whole new level for you.

26- The 5 Types of Sales People

In this episode Arman covers the 5 different types of sales people. This is an extremely important episode for those that are already in business or if you are an entrepreneur that wants to get into business. Find out where you are on the 5 levels of selling.

E004- Hal Elrod on The Speed of Implementation

I interview best selling author, international public speaker & legendary podcaster Hal Elrod. Hal is widely known for his best selling book, The Miracle Morning, that is being published in 17 countries.  He has helped change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and is growing exponentially by the day. In this episode I talk to[…]

25- Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes

Arman reveals the biggest online marketing mistake that companies make. It all boils down to how much of your budget you spend on building your website versus actually promoting your website and driving traffic to it.

E003- Finding Your Ideal Client

In this episode of the Business Revolution Podcast, Stephen uncovers the secrets to identifying the Ideal Client for you business. Every business has an ideal client and it does not make sense to spend money on marketing your business blindly. You need to strategize and identify who you want as a client and then go[…]

23- The Self Destruct Button

In this episode of the Titanium Life podcast, Arman discusses the concept of the “self destruct button” and how all humans face horrible consequences if they are under stress.