34- Run Your Business From an Island

It sounds too good to be true but running your business from a remote island is definitely possible. It all comes down to automating the process of running your business by managing your “Key Performance Indicators”. Arman is going to show you how to do this even if you only had 1 minute of internet[…]

E009- Has Fear Been Holding You Back?

All of us are affected by fear but many lack the self awareness to know that fear is controlling the decisions we make and the how the outcomes of those decisions can really hold us back and hurt us. The first thing we have to do is realize that fear is fake and doesn’t really[…]

E001- Launch

Inspired Podcast with Loura Sanchez is here! Turbo boost your creativity, re-invigorate your culture, and obtain ultimate success in your life and business.

E008- The Essence of Time Management

Time management is always a hot topic but what does it really mean? Stephen breaks down the concept into 3 easy to understand steps. The main thing is that you should never allow life to take control and dictate the outcome of not only your day but your whole life. Take the bull by the[…]

33- The 3 Different Types of CEOs

In this episode, Arman is going to reveal why some businesses are always struggling, even though they have really talented owners. Find out about the 3 different types of CEOs and why it’s important to know which one you are.

32- Don’t Fear, Ask For Failure

There is one thing that all successful people have in common. No, it’s not intelligence or wealth, but it’s failure. It’s not about being ok with failure but it’s about seeking failure, asking for failure, daring failure to find you in your life and your business. The more you fail the more you learn, grow, and[…]

E007- Why Reviews Are Imporant

Stephen covers the importance of being active on review platforms such as Yelp and Google Reviews. It all comes down to realizing and accepting the importance of getting reviews and understanding that it is a difficult process that will pay huge dividends in the future. 1- Reviews are Important 2- Find the top review platforms that[…]

31- You’re a Caveman!

Arman goes through our evolutionary background and describes the reasons behind why we do things the way that we do. The reality is that our genetics have not changed in a long time so listen in and learn why this is significant.

30- The Revolutionary 25 Minute Workout

Arman reveals the revolutionary 25 minute workout that is being used by successful people all around the world. This formula will allow you to work out for only 25 minutes while allowing you to develop the best body you have ever had.

E006- Stop Wasting Your Money on More Web Traffic

Getting more traffic to your website will not solve of your business problems. Instead of looking to increase traffic to your website, we should pay attention to the conversion rates you are getting on the current traffic coming to your site. It all comes down to user experience of your website and knowing the objective you are trying[…]