Did You Fence Yourself In? (Building Big People – Part 4)

In this video, Pastor Andrew Damazio of Rose Church in Portland, Oregon dives into Building Big People Part 4 and talks about how in today’s society we often take offense before we think through our current situation. One may blame others for their situation, but in truth they might have fenced themselves into their own[…]

Building Big People | Pastor Andrew Damazio

In this weeks sermon, Pastor Andrew Damazio dives head first into a new series titled “BUILDING BIG PEOPLE”. However, before Pastor Andrew can say what a big person does, how they act, and what it means, he wanted to let everyone who was listening know that THEY are deserving of a big life and THEY[…]

How Friendship Can SAVE You in Tough Times

In the series finale of the “Into the Wilderness” Pastor Andrew Damazio leads a panel of church members to discuss how friendship and having an “and” has greatly changed their lives and saved them when they were into the wilderness. Thank you for listening!