11- Revolutionize Your Industry

Arman Sadeghi covers the importance of having the vision, focus, and dedication to take your business to the next level. Companies like Apple, Google, and more recently, Tesla have truly revolutionized their industries and they didn’t settle for anything less, and neither should you. Don’t settle for second best and don’t do what everyone else is doing.[…]

10- Success Leaves Clues

Arman Sedeghi discusses the intricacies of modeling oneself after successful people. You have to find people that have mastered an area of life and understand what they do that makes them so successful. It’s all the little things, and in life you have to watch and listen to what successful people are doing, and you have to[…]

9- Know What Business you are In

Peak Performance Speaker and Business Coach Arman Sadeghi discusses the importance of knowing the exact business you’re in. You need to know the exact business that you are in and who your ideal client is.  You also will learn how to determine the broad business that you are in so you don’t end up getting “Blockbustered”.

8- Balance Your Career & Relationship or Lose Both

In this episode of the Titanium Life Podcast, Arman Sadeghi discusses the 3 key steps that will allow you to conquer the relationship with your significant other while you thrive in your career and business. It’s all about having the presence, focus, and getting crystal clear on the long term goals that you and your[…]

7- STOP Labeling Our Children with Made-Up Learning Disabilities!

Peak Performance Speaker and Business Coach Arman Sadeghi discusses the labels that doctors and teachers give to our children. Labels such as dyscalculia (severe difficulty with mathematics) can be devastating because these so called “disabilities” become an identity and will ultimately hold our children back from reaching their full potential in life. It all comes[…]

6- Size Your Body in the Kitchen, Shape Your Body in the Gym

Arman Sadeghi talks about how to have incredibly abundant energy by focusing on health, nutrition and fitness .  Arman’s knack for breaking down complex subject matters into an easy to understand format comes in very handy in this episode. He explains why you should focus on what you eat if you want to lose or gain[…]

5- The One Percent!

Peak Performance Speaker and Business Coach Arman Sadeghi discusses the importance of having a POWERFUL morning and doing the things that the 99% aren’t willing to do. If you want to live life to the fullest and get everything out of life, you’ll need to take massive action.

3- Happiness Before Success!

In this episode of The Titanium Life Podcast, Arman discusses the art of fulfillment and the devastating effect attaining success before mastering fulfillment can have on your life. For more information and resources, please visit us at TitaniumSuccess.com