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Apollo Productions offers a wide range of convinient podcasting products and services
Recording Solutions

Use our local recording studios or our Offsite Studio Suite to record in any location on the planet. Just record your episode and our audio engineers will edit, and prepare the professional audio file and push it to all the major outlets including iTunes.

Professional Touch

Utilizing our services to create uniquely tailored intros and podcast audio, along with professionally designed album art. Our audio and design team will collaborate with you and create the professional setup for your new podcast. Make your show stand out.

Hosting and RSS Support

Everyone wants to have their podcast on iTunes, but not everyone can go through the horrendous process that is involved in getting a new podcast setup. We take the headache out of it and we will even host your files on our state of the art Amazon EC2 hosted webservers. The best in the world.

Earn Ad Revenue

Our network of podcasts allow us to leverage the number of listeners we have with advertising companies. This simply means that after a few short months you can begin to make money through ad revenue from your podcast. The larger your audience, the more money you can make.

Listener Analytics

Get access to your podcast’s download stats and trends through Apollo’s analytics system and have the numbers right at your fingertips.

Multiple Platforms

Reach your audience through all the major platforms and applications. We will manage podcast feed and ensure that you are available to everyone.

Rise to The Top

Our proven methods and resources will help you rise among the others and have a top ranking podcast.

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Apollo Productions was founded because of the complexities that come with starting and managing a new podcast.

Most of us, especially if you’re a business owner, don't have the time that it takes to launch a successful podcast. There are so many moving parts: creating professional looking album artwork, searching for the most cost effective recording equipment, hours of research on how to create whatever an "RSS" feed is ...., submitting to iTunes, finding a server to host your podcast, and the list goes on. On top of all that, promoting and branding your podcast properly so that it's a hit on iTunes. Who has the time for that?!

This is where Apollo Productions comes in. We make everything convenient and easy by taking on every aspect of starting and managing your podcast. All you need to do is to talk into a microphone.

  • % of Adults with Smartphones
  • % of Increases in data usage due to Vehicle Integration by 2017
  • % of Adults Aware of Podcasts
  • % Increase of Podcast Listeners Since 2010

Podcast Packages

We have 4 simple solutions for your podcast needs. Check out all the packages and choose the one that's right for you.


  • Podcast Hosting
  • RSS Support
  • iTunes Support
  • Basic Stats
  • 100MB Storage/Month
  • 5GB Bandwidth/Month


  • Custom Album Artwork
  • Custom Intro and Outro
  • iTunes Management
  • Show Notes and Description
  • Basic Audio Editing
  • Social Media Guidance
  • Apollo 30-Day Promotion Guide
  • 250MB Storage/Month
  • 10GB Bandwidth/Month



  • Professional Album Artwork
  • Custom Intro and Outro
  • iTunes/Outlet Management
  • Episode Transcripts + 1 Article
  • Audio Editing and Engineering
  • Episode Specific Social Media Content
  • Apollo Backed Basic Promotion
  • 500MB Storage/Month
  • 30GB Bandwidth/Month


  • Professional Album Artwork
  • Custom Intro and Outro
  • iTunes/Outlet Management
  • Episode Transcripts and Articles
  • Audio Editing and Engineering
  • Full Social Media Management
  • Guest Scouting + Interviewing
  • Podcast Cross Promotion
  • Apollo Ultimate Promotions - Dominate iTunes
  • Unlimited Bandwidth/Storage

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